Damage King

by Gorilla Monsoon


The debut of Gorilla Monsoon.
Unfortunately sold out!!!


1. Declaration of Damnation
2. Delay Priest
3. Night of the Wolverine
4. Damage King
5. Final Salvation
6. Down Song
7. Death Revolution
8. Law'n Order
9. War to the Wimps
10. Heavier than Europe


released March 16, 2006



Gorilla Monsoon Saxony, Germany

„I don’t give a fuck I just want to go out on stage and rock…” That’s the way you could sum up the bands philosophy of GORILLA MONSOON in a view words. Founded in May 2001 the band created a very own, distinctive and fucking murdering heavy sound without any compromises which especially on stage is brutal as fuck. ... more

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